Export searchable PDF from OCR Editor

Exporting from the OCR Editor as an editable document such as RTF, DOC or ODT is simple, but exporting as PDF automatically exports the original scanned image, instead of the recognized and edited text. 

As it is I have to first export as DOC, then open in Finereader again and convert to PDF, which seems unnecessary. Is there a checkbox somewhere I'm not seeing?

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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hello Yoan,

    Default mode for searchable PDF export in FineReader is text under image. The use case here is converting scans or photo of documents into a searchable format while keeping the original look of the document, without changes as compared to the original document. Therefore, the image is exported to PDF as is, without changes. The purpose of making corrections to the text in this case is not to alter the content of the document, but to correct possible OCR errors and make the text layer mathcing the image for 100%. 

    If you need to alter the content of the document and have those edits kept in the image layer of the final PDF document, there are two possible ways with FineReader PDF 15 without using another application in between:

    • Switch to "Text and pictures only" saving mode for serachable PDF in OCR Editor settings (Options -> Format settigns -> PDF tab, "Searchable PDF settings" section);
    • Keep the default "Text and pictures only" setting, open the resulting PDF in PDF Editor (if FineReader PDF is set as default PDF viewer in your system, you can use "Send to PDF" command to do that in one click), and then make necessary corrections to the PDF in Edit mode (click "Edit" button on the "PDF Tools" tollbar). 

    Hopw that helps!

    Best regards,



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