Training batch for this variant already exists -error message

Hi all,

Training batch for this variant already exists -this is the error message i'm getting. I know if we select same variant this error appears,but in my case i'm newly creating one batch in field training for this vendor.

I dont know why this error message is displaying.



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    Scott Chau

    Is this a new project with no training batch at all or are there some training batch there already?  If its the latter, check to make sure one of the training batch doesn't already have that ID.

    If its a new project, your Dataset could be setup incorrectly or the  setting "Prefer variant ID as main identifier in training batch" might need to be turn on.  

    Too many possibility so I would check with support and provide them with your project

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    Rakesh Chandran

    Hi Aravind,

    Can you check if you already have a record in the dataset (DocumentDefiniton Properties). If yes, then delete the record and see if it helps. 




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