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i hope i can explain what i want with my very limited english. when i convert a pdf document or single images files using the ocr editor, the editor creates a single page for every "input page". Very offen i have hyphenation at the end of a page. The spell checker is not able to fix that because the checker finfs the first part of the word and then when checking the next page finds the second part. its not possible to bring the two parts together. This works when hyphenation happens within a page at the end of a line.

What i've done is to merge a lot of images files into one big image file (usually one file for each chapter) and the import. Now after ocr i have one big page. but sometimes the ocr crashes. its a little bit unstable.

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    Victoria Dvornikova


    For Doc\Docx format it is possible to remove hyphens in Tools > Options > Format settings for Editable copy layout:

    If your resulted format is searchable PDF then we do not have currently any workaround for such an issue. I have forwarded your suggestion about the possibility to disable the end of paragraph sign if there is a hyphen symbol at the end of the page.


    For the crash issue we will need source files and OCR project (saved before crashing). Please create a support request with this information and our Customer Support Team will help you.


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