Recogniszedwords0 Files in batch folder in not Generated if we skip the verfication

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if we skip the verfication then Recognized files  "1-2-RecognizedWords0" is not generated , that file is required for lasso and contain coordinated of the content. as export setting is done for that.

but if invoice is through the verfication we are able to ge the "1-2-RecognizedWords0".

is there any option or seeting so that if get that files generated if invoice is skipped verfication.

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    Scott Chau


    Hmmm that file is not a normal export file.  Are you doing something within the FileStorage location?  If so, you probably need to talk to support which will have to talk to our development team.  What you're trying to do isn't probably supported out of the box.  

    If you just trying to use FlexiCapture to get coordinates of all the text on field and not really doing data extraction, FineReader Engine would probably be a better tool.  Otherwise if you need the coordinate of the extracted field in FlexiCapture, XML or JSON format does give you the coordinate option but only for the extracted fields.  


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