What is the average file size of a PDF page?

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I have a question We have a repository with 8TB of pdf files, we are trying to figure out how much time will take to transform it to PDF/A and perform OCR.

We are trying to calculate the possible number of pages to process, obviously, we know that it depends on the quality of the scanning process, if the documents are black and white, if there´s a lot of images, etc.

But do you have some kind of information about how many pages are stored in a GB of pdf files?


thanks a lot for your help and best regards

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    Scott Chau

    Really depends on the product and your needs but for this answer, I'm going to assume its for FineReader Server since you are just asking for OCR PDF/A export and not data extraction.  In that case, please refer to this performance guide.  Its based on pages and not file size.


    ABBYY FineReader Server 14 Performance

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    Olesya Uskova

    To get preliminary estimation of the number of pages in your storage, you may use Audit workflow. It will help to figure out number of files and pages in them.


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