Integration between ABBYY and SharePoint online

We have ABBYY FlexiCapture desktop version (not the cloud version). and we have the following scenarios:-

1) Users will upload files inside SharePoint document libraries.

2) then we need to read those files from SharePoint >> let ABBYY Flexicapure extract info from these documents >> and then update SharePoint with the extracted data.


So we are planning to implement this :-

1) Train ABBYY FlexiCapture on our documents

2) Write a C# console application which will get trigger let say each 5 hours.

3) the c# console application will read the SharePoint files from the SharePoint document library using SharePoint Rest API >> send the documents to ABBYY using ABBYY API >> get the extracted data from ABBYY using ABBYY API >> populate the SharePoint list with the extracted data using SharePoint Rest API.


so my question is ; if our above approach is valid? or we can have better approach to achieve our requirements?

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    Scott Chau

    When you say you have the Desktop version are you saying you are using the Standalone and not Distributed?  Reason I'm asking is with the standalone, there is no API to talk to FlexiCapture unlike the Distributed which has a webservice API.

    In any case, your application would need to download the file and drop it into a folder.  FlexiCapture standalone would then pick it up manually or some hotfolder, process and export directly to sharepoint or to a folder where your connector would put the value into sharepoint.

    What kind of files are user uploading to SharePoint.  You are aware, that for extraction to happen, there has to be a premade project and DocDef to tell FlexiCapture what to extract correct?  Or do you just want the document OCR like conversion to searchable PDF?  If its the latter, FineReader Server might be a better option for you since it has input and output option for SharePoint Library out of the box.


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