can we add a sharepoint doucment library as a hot folder

We want to implement this scenario :-

1) Users upload documents inside SharePoint document library

2) We need ABBYY to extract the data from the uploaded documents and populate SharePoint list with the returned data.

So can we follow these steps:-

1) Map the SharePoint document library inside OneDrive >> So we will have local copies of the SharePoint files inside Windows server hard disk.

2) Define the OneDrive folder as a hot folder.

3) So when the user uploads a document to SharePoint >> it will automatically show inside the OneDrive folder >> ABBYY FlexiCapture will automatically process the new file >> populate the  SharePoint list with the extracted data.


will the above scenario achievable ? If not then what are the limitations/restrictions?



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    Scott Chau

    Since you are posting this in the FlexiCapture Engine forum, I'm going to assume you are talking about FlexiCapture engine SDK and not FlexiCapture Application.

    With FlexiCapture SDK Data extraction from Forms, Invoices, Documents via ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK, we provide you with the extraction engine only.  You need to build everything else around it.  So in your case, you would need to programmatically build the input and output connection to SharePoint/Hotfolder. 

    If you are talking about FlexiCapture Application, that is a different story.  We have support for hotfolder and sharepoint export out of the box.  So in that case, we would watch your onedrive folder to pick up the file and results would be exported to sharepoint once document have been processed.


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