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I am on trial version of ABBYY12 FC distributed. 

In one Document Definition I am using 'Custom Assembly script' for merging documents, but there 

section created is like 'Document Section 1 [1]' and each page gets a different section applied. This was not the case in ABBYY11. 

Secondly, in ABBYY 11 if we do clear analyzis results and reapply doc def, proper one section is created, the same is an issue in ABBYY12.

Can someone help me ? I need only one section created as 'Document Section 1'.



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    Scott Chau

    Without looking at your project, it might be hard to figure out what your issue is.  Maybe create a support case and upload your project there.  As for the issue of your section looking like Document Section 1 [1], the "[1]" is because of your section seem to be setup to repeat.  Look in the assemble to see if you have the min and max setup for something other than 1.



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