how to scan double-sided pages with ADF

I can't find a setting in the ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 Standard "Scan" module (with any selected device driver for my Brother DCP-L2550DW scanner) that will handle scanning of double-sided pages through an automatic document feeder that scans one page at a time. Software with a setting to handle that will ask you to scan the set of pages, then flip them and rescan, and knows to collate the second scanned set into the first set so that they are in the proper order. Am I not seeing an existing setting in FineReader to allow that, or does the software not have this capability for two-sided scans?

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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hi Eric,

    It looks like you're looking for this option (make sure you selected at least three pages for the option to work):

    You can find the manual here: 

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    Eric Mercer

    That's it, thanks! I am used to that function being done as part of the scanning process itself in other software, so I was looking in the wrong place in the settings and in the manual. Also, I should have used the keyphrase "duplex scan" or "duplex scanning" (which I mention so that future searchers may find and learn this). Thanks again!


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