Creating replica of a working Project

We tried an approach where we decided to have 5 different projects (Generic US Invoice layout projects) replicas of the main original projects.Following steps were performed while creating the 5 projects: 
  • I downloaded the main project from the server.
  • Copied the project folder to another location
  • Opened the copied project and renamed it via Project settings.
  • Deleted all files from TrainingBatches Folder as we did not want the learnings to carry forward to new projects.
  • Uploaded the project to the server

    These steps were performed and the learning is impacted negatively, can anyone please let us know the reason for this? Why the learning is impacted for the newly created projects even though we kept everything similar.

    Also, is there any proven way to create the replica of  project without carry forwarding the learning from the original project, using any features?

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    Scott Chau

    If you deleted the training batch, it shouldn't apply it since its gone.  Are you sure the bad result is from a training batch and not from the Main FCI layout or secondary layout?  When you run the recognition, open the log and see which layouts its running.


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