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Is there Java script example of pulling the vendor ID from a database, based off of name and address or is there a better way to pull a vendor number from a database?

Trying to get this to functional like the vendor database in flexicapture 

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    Ihor Shendera

    Hello James,

    In Vantage v2.0 it's not possible to pull vendor ID from data catalogs (master data database), neither in the UI nor using JavaScript rule scripts.

    In Vantage v2.1 we will introduce a new Data Catalog Lookup rule. This is a standard (non-scriptable) rule similar to a database lookup rule in FlexiCapture. Using this new rule type it will be possible to pull vendor ID based on name and address from master data.

    I hope this helps!

    But also, is there any specific reason why the script is needed? Or this is just due to no standard capability in Vantage v2.0?

    Kind regards,



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