Combine all sections into one - for multipage


I am using FC 12. 

I am into issue of processing multipage documents. I am using custom assembling script for merging the documents, but in fc12 different sections are created for different pages of single document.

If I disable that script, it works well. Is it a bug that separate sections are created by default or am I misleading?  

The same script I have used in fc11, which worked perfect. 

I need only one section created per document of multipages, please help me out.

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    Scott Chau

    In this case, it might be best if you created a support case and supply them the project.  There is just not enough information to answer your questions on this.  Normally assembly of Document is Section and then pages.  Depending if you're using fixed form or layout, the assembly can happen in multiple location.  So really would have to look at your project to understand what you are trying to do.


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