Some tables are recognized in Abbyy but not recognized in Uipath

Hello everyone!

I have a question regarding Abbyy Flexicapture 12 - and UiPath:

I am extracting data from Arabic Invoices(each invoice contains two tables).
Both tables are extarcted ( 7 for Table1 and 7 for Table2)as shown in Abbyy Administration Station but when data are extarcted from Uipath using Abbyy Engine, only 5 out of 7 from Table1 and 7 out of 7 from Table2 are extracted which means data is missing.

I tried to output datatable to check the two tables for each invoice but same result: Table 1 has two tables missing).

You can find below Flexicapture project and screenshot from UiPath.

Kindly advise if we can fix this issue.

Thank you in advance! 

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    Scott Chau


    A couple things.

    1) You didn't provide the FlexiLayout project so I'm not sure how you built the logic.  

    2) You didn't provide sample images but there were some in the DocDef.  Looking at it, are these supposed to be a multipage invoice?

    2a) I see page 1 -4 look the same format wise but 5 - 6 look different.  My apologies, I don't read arabic so I'm not sure of the structure.  Also just looking at 1-4 I really only see 1 table.

    So the confusion for me to first understand what a single document (1 or more pages) looks like and then where are the 2 table located.

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    Charbel Kharrat

    Hello Scott Chau

    Thank you for your reply!

    Below you can find the flexilayout Studio and some samples.

    Some of the invoices are supposed to be a multipage invoice and some not.

    Templates may differ as you can see 1- 4 different from 5-6, some of them contains two tables (Table 1 and Table2) and some one Table (Table 1 or Table 2).

    Please note that the location of the tables and data in the invoices are not fixes so regarding the relation we cannot use any relation, only the headers of the tables can be added as relation to the table. But data in the header are not 100% captured for each invoice.

    Please advise.

    Thank you in advance.


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    Scott Chau


    Sorry I had to track down an old version of FlexiCapture. The UiPath one you listed is like a couple years old.  Also was not accustom to Arabic where the text was flowing differently

    Here is the project.


    Basically not sure why you are trying to create table 1 as a table.  Its really not a table since there is only 1 line of information.  Its more multiple field.  You could capture it as a table but you have to take into account where the table ends which can be hard if its the only table on that document.  Also the header table header information were not always exact with the reverse background color one.  I assume there was some reason why you needed to look like a table.  If that is the case, you could use repeating group and format it as a table.  

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    Charbel Kharrat

    Dear Scott Chau,

    Thank you for your kind support!

    Regarding Table 1, the reason I created a "Table" not "Multiple Fields" is that in some invoices we have multiple rows.

    "Also the header table header information were not always exact with the reverse background color one. ": Exactly, as you can see in some samples the background color is Black where in the others it's white (I believe this is the main problem in our case).

    Could you please suggest if we can remove this color from  Abbyy?

    Otherwise, we have two options:

    1- Write a script externally to remove this color from the image (Since we are using UiPath we can apply the changes on each image before sending it to Abbyy).

    2-  Update our template (choose one background color for the header of the Table): but in this case it depends on clients, sometimes clients do not accept applying changes on their templates.

    Please advise.

    Thank you!




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    Scott Chau

    There are color drop out option but Black isn't one of them.  Of course most text being black, that wouldn't be a good idea.

    What you can do is use a static text for the table header.  Static text is more forgiving with the missing or different characters.

    Otherwise, the repeating group will work too.  Just need to expand it past 1 repeatable instance.


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