Fine Reader PDF PRO-PDF Scanner ( mobile )

Hello. I am considering buying the fine reader pdf pro-pdf scanner. I can edit and print a text with the app like on the computer with the fine reader professionel 11?

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    Scott Chau


    Think of PDF Pro PDF Scanner as a mobile application that will take pictures on your mobile device that you can save as a PDF, Word, etc.  It will OCR and do the conversion for you.  If you want to edit the document you would use the desktop application. 

    Yes you can edit the document using FineReader Professional 11 that you currently have.  It would just need a couple work around.  Meaning that isn't any direct integration with the desktop and mobile app.  So you would need to upload the images on the mobile application to lets say Google Drive.  Then on your computer, you would need to download the file and load it into the desktop application.  If you upgraded to FineReader 15, there is an option to directly grab the file instead of doing the workaround.

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    Anna Koltsova

    Hi Steven,

    You can try all features of FineReader Mobile (iOS or Android) by downloading the free version of the app here 

    By default, you will have 5 pages to try all the features. The app has basic editing tools and it allows to print scans. 

    If you decide to upgrade your FineReader professional 11 to FineReader 15, you will receive 1-year free access to FineReader Mobile and direct integration with FineReader 15 Win through Google Drive (which was described above by Scott).



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