How to use "First found"


     I had issue for total field I tried by giving field training but it's not working so thought of doing in layout.By default abbyy is extracting last total value but it is wrong. So tried with first found but I'm missing something.can anyone explain me how to use First found. I need to add static text and paragraph in it.. 



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    Scott Chau
    First found is exactly as it sounds.  Its a group search element.  You put simple search element into that group.  During recognition, it will start from the top of that group.  So if the first simple search element is found "green circle on tree of hypothesis" it will stop and not look at any of the other search element.  If the first element wasn't valid, it will go to the next and so on.  What ever is found and match will be the result for that group.  Hopefully that is clear.
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    Hi Scott Chau 

    Thanks for your information that's cool.I had a different thought process,so can you suggest me what should I do in this scenario.

    In a single page there are two total keywords in which Abby by default will extract the second total amount based on the total keyword.How can I make Abby to extract the first total key field.

    Note: I can't go with "relation" or "region" because the keyword location changes but it will in first page.

    I thought "first found "will locate the first Search keyword if the same keyword repeats, instead it takes first search element which will not help in my case.


    Thank you,

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    Scott Chau

    Are you saying there are 2 total keyword on the same page and you want the one that first from the top of the page?  If so, why don't you just set it to look for the nearest top of the page?  This way it will always pick the one that is on the top.


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