Field extraction error even after training an invoice

Using Flexicapture Cloud, we have tried to train a specific invoice for one of our vendor.

After fixing all field extraction errors of that invoice we completed the task but sending another invoice from that vendor result in the exact same field extraction error as the first invoice we sent.

Why Flexicapture is not able to extract the field correctly after training?

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    Scott Chau

    Open your your Developer Station/Project Setup Station and look at the training batch.  Did it even create a training batch for that Vendor?  If there is a training Batch, is that Invoice you train in that batch and was it used for training?  Are there other invoice that could have caused a conflict with the training?  If they are simple field, export the training batch to FlexiLayout and see what the machine logic did.  Is that logic correct?

    Those would be the first couple step I do to troubleshoot the issue.  If you are still having issue, please create a support case and include your project.


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