Total field is not extracting correct value, its taking the wrong total value from the invoice

hi All,

In one invoice we are having multiple total fields, please find the below screenshots for your reference.

page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:


Actually total Amount we have to consider from 1st page  Amount Due value, but Abby is taking last page amount due value. Please suggest any solution for this as soon as possible.




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    Rahul Kapoor

    Find an element X that is only present on Page 1. Then while finding the Total Amount, define the relation that it is Nearest to element X.

    Rahul Kapoor

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    Nagendra Gupta

    Hi Rahul,

    1. In some invoices Amount due is dynamic, it may start from first  page or it may start with second or third page.
    2. In that scenario how we can extract the Amount due value from that invoice.
    3. If the element x is changing the position then there will be issue in the relationship between element x and Amount due (Total field).
    4. In one invoice we may get 3 total values in that we have to consider first total amount
    5. In some invoice we may get 2 total values in that we have to consider second total amount




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    Rahul Kapoor

    Then capture all of them using Repeating Group and then using scripting in Project Setup Station, extract the first value out of that repeating group.
    Just remember to add a condition in the repeating group that the next occurrence is below the last one so that you get all the Totals in the correct order.


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