Abby FC12 for Invocie Processing - Line Item description extended to next page

Hi, I have setup FlexiCapture12 project for Invoice Processing. I am trying to extract line item details (like Article no, Description, PO Number, Unit Cost and Quantity). Everything works fine, but for some line items, the Description is extended to next page and Abbyy extracts description from first page and ignores the extended information on next page.

The invoice is a multi-page invoice and each page has Invoice Header information (like BU and vendor details, invoice number, delivery address, etc), Invoice Footer(like Total net weight, Total Net, Total VAT, etc) and Line Items table with table header (Article no, Description, Quantity, Unit Cost, etc).

If I manually try to adjust the Horizontal line separator for such line items, it extracts the Header/Footer details also for Description.

How can we extract Line Item description spread across multiple pages excluding the Header/Footer details?

Appreciate your help!


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