Field training is not impacting on extracting fields


I'm trying to extract date from invoice even though i gave field training it is not impacting on invoice.


I need to  extract the complete date but i cant able to extract.

Note: Field training and also field level training is getting succeeded but not impacting on field extraction.


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    Frank Delgado

    Hi Aravind,

    From the screenshot, it looks like there is an issue with the field properties rather than with the training itself because when you train you are just mapping regions.
    It seems the captured value should be "August 30", according to how the region was trained for.
    Please, review the field properties comparing the configuration with the same field in a new Invoices project.
    To do so, just create a new Invoices project and go to InvoiceDate fields properties.
    You should pay special attention to Data and Rules tabs:

    Also, please feel free to create a ticket for our ABBYY support team if you need further assistance.

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    Then how to revise the properties? It seems can not be revised ,it is pre-defined in your ABBYY.


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