Varying change in Project setup station in different server

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Frank Delgado,

This is a scenario where i'm facing issue in field training.

I'm working on a single project with three environment namely Dev, QA(testing) and production. In which the issue is- the field training happening in dev and QA is not happening in production,even if we upload same invoices and give same field training the fields are not extracting properly as it was extracted properly in other two.

I'm giving training for many vendors but recently i started feeling some changes in production server where no vendors field training is not impacting even if i train with many number of invoices.

Is there any reason why field training is not impacting even when the vendors are properly trained.



  • We are using same project file in three environments the only difference is Production have many auto created batches for same vendor . Previous when i delete unwanted batches and focus on batch with correct vendorID,the field training is impacting.
  • Same flexi layout and scripts which are in QA and Dev is carried over to production after testing.



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    Frank Delgado

    Hi Aravind,

    Due to the complexity of this post, we have created a ticket for our ABBYY Support team.
    We'll be in touch.

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    Hi Frank Delgado,

    Thanks for your response, seriously i'm waiting for your reply because day by day it is getting worse.


    • What are the factors that may affect or impact field training and field training batches



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