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I'm working on my first project and I have a question regarding handling a lot of images varying in their format, size, resolution, noise. All of these images are ID cards but each image needs specific enhancement before processing. 

Lets say we have 5000 image, do we have to go through all of these images manually ? even if we create image enhancement profiles, do we have to apply this profiles manually in scanning station? 

And what we have to do with a low quality images? with 96 dpi resolution? 


Thanks in advance.


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    Frank Delgado

    Hi there,

    No need to go through all the images manually, you just need to create an image enhancement profile with whatever settings you need (resolution, brightness, etc) and it will be applied to all images.
    This can be created in the project setup station, project properties:

    After you create it, you can use it for image preprocessing on project properties (for all images), or in the import profile (for images imported using that method only), or in any batch type, etc:


    I hope that helps.
    If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to create a ticket for our ABBYY Support team.

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