How To Properly Restart ABBYY Flexicapture 12 Distributed Environment

Hello everyone, 

My question if fairly simple. I just wanted to know the proper process to restart a Flexicapture 12 Distributed Environment. This would entail if there's a specific order that each component should be restarted as well as any specific services that should be restarted as well. Thanks!

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    Maksym Diachenko

    Hello Jeremy, 

    FlexiCapture consists of a number of components that can be restarted independently, so order doesn't really matter. Main components: 

    Processing Server - restart corresponding  ABBYY windows service

    Processing Station - restart corresponding  ABBYY  windows service 

    Application Server - restart IIS 

    Licensing Server - restart corresponding  ABBYY  windows service

    I recommend to restart the system when it is idle to avoid possible issues however out of my experience - it is very rare case. 


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    Jeremy Halden

    This is great information. Thanks so much for the help!


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