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I'm working in invoice project where I have documents like the following:

Document 1 - Vendor A: Invoice 1, Invoice 2, Invoice 3.
Document 2 - Vendor A: Invoice 1, Invoice 2.
Document 3 - Vendor B: Invoice 1, Invoice 2, Invoice 3, Invoice 4.
Document 4 - Vendor B: Invoice 1, Invoice 2.
Document 5 - Vendor B: Invoice 1, Invoice 2, Invoice 3.
Document 6 - Vendor C: Invoice 1.

So, I cannot split these invoices based on the vendor. I want to separate these invoices into documents based on for example (Invoice Number) Field.
How can I achieve that?

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    Rahul Kapoor

    First of all, it's not a very straightforward process to implement what you need here but I have implemented the same before for one of my clients.
    You have to customize your workflow for this to happen.

    3 stages will be added between Scanning and Recognition:

    1. Invoice Separation: Script stage to split all the pages of the PDF.
    2. Invoice Separation - Recognition: Stage to recognize each page separately as an individual document
    3. Invoice Separation - Standard: Script stage to merge back the pages as separate invoices.

    Note: I know the above information is not sufficient to implement this but there is only limited information I can share through this forum. You can use this a starting point to think and implement. 

    Rahul Kapoor

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    Hi Rahul Kapoor,

    Good Morning.

    I am new in ABBYY .

    Please help me on below requirements.

    There is a Vendor Level --> PO Level -->Invoice Level.

    Payment Terms Filed exists in all Stages I mean it will be available in VENDOR,PO and Invoice Level.

    My requirement is we need to get PAYMENT TERM Value from Vendor (If there is no PO DATA)and assign the value to Invoice level MEANWHILE Users can able to edit the payment term field in INVOICE Level if users wants to change with different value.

    If PO DATA Available we need to copy the PO Payment Term value to Invoice Level.

    Could you please help me out.


    Thanks and Regards,

    Nageshwar Reddy Porla.


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    Rahul Kapoor

    Hello Nageshwar,

    Your query is not something that can be answered in text in this forum. Need to look at the documents and see the layout you have created to actually recommend a solution.


    Rahul Kapoor


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