How to use document assembly

My client wants to send me multiple invoices in one PDF document. I would like to know how can i configure document assemble activity so ABBYY can detect each invoice header from the PDF and create one metadata per invoice in my output folder. Where exactly should i put the assemble process (before classify after classify, before extract or after extract) ? How should i configure my assemble process?

On the documentation page there are no examples for this activity in a process. Each time when i receive my pdf with multiple invoices i can only create one file output.

This is my flow.


Where should i insert put the assemble activity step ? 

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    Ihor Shendera

    Hello Viktor,

    The Assemble activity should be put before the Classify Activity, based on your current flow the Process Skill should look like this:

    To assemble the documents based on your classifier, please use the "By classification" assembly type.

    Kind regards,


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    Viktor Stamenov

    Thank you, it seems to be working.


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