taking random value as a tax in test batch

in my invoice there is no tax amount but it  automatically takes random product value as a tax amount

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    Gaetan Viau

    Make sure to tell FlexiLayout not to extract the value if the keyword is not found.

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    Hi Gaetan Viau,

    In flexilayout we are not using any key fields for tax,only with field training we are working for tax.

    Now in this scenerio there is no tax value in invoice even though it is extracting some different values in tax.

    I trained tax field for not extracting unwanted value but its not working .


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    Selvam, Prabu

    Hi Vignesh,

    We can pass the values in 2 ways. One is using extracted element like Invoice Number. And, other way is blank value. I believe, you would have choosen 2nd way.

    while passing blank value, you need to clear default script written in the text box which would extract some random values. Please check and confirm.

    Prabu S


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