FC 12 cannot extract repeating group field, even though it is identified correctly in the FexiLalyout

I am trying to extract the phone numbers in the image below

In the Flexi Layout, I have a repeating group with a phone number field, and I have a repeating block, with a phone number block as per screenshot below. The phone numbers seem to be correctly identified

Therefore, I exported the FL, and I am creating a document definition. Here the blocks are identified with green highlight

However, when I try to recognize, the phone fields are not identified, the values are EMPTY

Therefore, I am not even trying further to export, because the export will be empty


Please help me to fix this

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    Adrian Fanaca

    Hello ABBYY support, I am a corporate account, with ExxonMobil, can anyone reply the above?

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    Viacheslav (Slava) Prodan

    Dear Adrian,

    I see that you have already created a request in our ticket system.

    For the future, feel free to contact the support team directly via the web form.


    Best regards,



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