Remove "low confidence character" highlighting in DOCX files with Microsoft Word

I would like to know how to remove "low confidence character" highlighting in DOCX files with Microsoft Word. When I try to do this the regular way within MS-Word, nothing happens, the highlighting remains in the Word DOCX file.  This is frustrating. There seems to be something special about the way that Finereader adds this highlighting that MS-Word cannot handle. (I like to save my translated documents with this feature.)  I use the default color of light blue/teal, one of the "Basic colors". Should I switch to another color like yellow? Are there any workarounds to make removing this highlighting more manageable in MS-Word?

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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hello Ron,

    You can use the Format Painter tool, or Clear Formatting from the Styles menu, or apply necessary style to the text highlighted by FineReader PDF. 

    We'll check why usual Highlight tool doesn't work in this case, and if there's any useful information I'll get back to you here.

    Best regards,


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    Ron W Lah

    Thanks for the response Yuriy!

    I see that Format Painter tool works but only for single cases, but it is not useful for global use where there is much formatting. My specific situation is that I have output with hundreds of pages, and even thousands of text frames produced by the "Exact text" output. Below is a typical page of a scanned old book I am currently working on, multiple columns, font changes, variation in formatting across each page. 

    I want to highlight the text in the entire document across all pages, use the Text Highlight Color tool to make all text highlighting "No color".  Is there some way to actually do this?  If I "clear formatting", I lose all my formatting, not just the unwanted highlighting. 

    Looking forward to any help on this. 


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    Margarita Nefedova

    Hello Ron,

    I created a support ticket regarding this situation, and we will continue the investigation there. Please await a reply from our Support team.

    Kind regards,


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