Convert Mobi to Set All Text to Left Justify

I've got a mobi file I've converted beautifully to PDF via Calibre.  Looks GREAT!

One problem. The file is a translation into English. I'm working to make edits. I NEED to use PDF to make the edits.

Here's what's happening. In the file, I can see places where one paragraph really should be two.

Trouble is, every time I put in a carriage return, that seems to make the spacing for the preceding and successive line go way out of wack. Like this:

I Googled around a bit and got to

Text Alignment


Choose Left

This has been repairing things. But, I've been selecting

Make This Text Formatting Default

using a different PDF app.  

And...for that PAGE it seems to make the Text Alignment Left. However...somehow that's not carrying over to other pages? needs to be set manually on every page / block of text?

I want to try to use ABBYY instead.

So, please, two questions.

Can I use ABBYY to convert a 


file to PDF?

And, in doing so, are there any settings I can use which will help me to solve this formatting issue that occurs during editing?

Many thanks...

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    Yuriy Korotkevych


    There are text formatting settings in FineReader's PDF Editor to align text. However, they can't be applied to multiple pieces of text at once.

    As to MOBI format, unfortunately, FineReader PDF doesn't support it directly. However, if you have an application to view a MOBI document and it can print, then a PDF printer supplied and installed with FineReader shall be able to print it into a PDF.

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