Repeated low confidence characters don´t appear during pattern training

so I am using ABBY Fine Reader 15 OCR editor and there are certain characters in my scanned document that the programme marks as low confidence. They pop up frequently, which is makes the OCR process quite time-consuming. I have been trying to fix this by using pattern training, yet whenever I am pattern training, the programme does not give me the option of training the characters that it had marked as low confidence. They just don´t pop up during training.
So is there any way of manually teaching the programme certain characters? Whenever I selectively recognize those low confidence characters, FineReader has no problem reading them.

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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hello Jacob,

    The issue you have described is already known to our Developers. At the moment there is no option to make FineReader check every symbol, only uncertain symbols are suggested for the training process. I have forwarded your comment to our R&D team.

    To save some time I suggest you train FineReader only on a short paragraph which you can draw manually and start the training process specifically for small parts of the text (more about areas you can read in our help).


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