Omit Recognition after scan

I'm using Abbyy FineReader 14 Standard.

Is there a way to omit automatic analysing and recognition after scan (or at least omit recognition). I'd like to scan several pages, but need to edit them, which means Abbyy needs to re-analyze and re-recognize them. It seems I could save a lot of time.


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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hello Mr. Guy Doucet,

    To disable automatic recognition follow the steps below:

    1. Launch FineReader and go to Tools > Options.
    2. Select Image Processing tab and disable Automatically process page images as they are added to the OCR Editor option: 
    3. Click OK to confirm changes.


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    Mr. Guy Doucet

    Thank you very much. I mistakenly thought that had to do with pictures. Much appreciated.


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