Save images uncompressed and with a high resolution


when i convert a PDF file including text and images into ePub i have problems with teh quality of the images. there are some maps in the pdf and its important that the images have a very good quality and a high resolution. How can i set up the resolution in abbyy finereader and can i use an uncompressed format or use a lossless compression (png; tif is not supported in epub).

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    Aleksandr Egorov


    You may use EBookExportParams::PictureExportParams object. It has properties like ColorPictureFormats, JpegQuality, Resolution.

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    Friedrick Marlow

    Where can i find this settings? I found some image settings in tools / options / format settings / keep picture: costum. here i can make settings:

    - resolution: reduce original resolution if required
    - quality: quality loss not allows

    the limit for the resolution is 300dpi.


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