Does field training impact other vendors internally

Hi all/Frank Delgado,

please go through the below points:

  • One vendor which has been extracting all the key fields normally for the past six months done by field training.
  • Many vendors were given field training nearly more than 200 vendors.
  • Now all of a sudden that old vendor had issue on invoice number and PO number for few invoices and I gave field training on invoice number,but PO number didn't got trained.
  • Then all of a sudden all the fields extracted as usual, without doing any change.
  • What will be the reason for this?
  • Whether field training on one vendor impact on other vendor


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    Frank Delgado

    Hello Aravind

    Vendor-specific training consists of different layouts contained on separate training batches, therefore whatever happens with 1 vendor training shouldn't affect the others.

    In any case, due to the complexity of your request, I would recommend you to create a ticket for our Support team and share the project with us, samples, etc...
    You may do so on the below link:
    Submit request


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