How to get value from a labeled field even though it’s not from the best path ?


I would like to capture a contract number labeled with the keyword CONTRAT. So, I used a FlexiLayout labeled field and ABBYY detected well but not from the best path as illustrated below via the tree of hypotheses and I get nothing in my contract number blocks and I’m wondering if we can ABBYY to return the value even though it’s from the best path.

Does anyone have any ideas about this ?

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    Adrian Enders

    Double-click on the little green circle. That will drill into some more detail for you. You should see the label, the gap, and the value. Why is it not from the best path? Is that label located more than once on the page? Adjust the settings until it is from the best path; try this first. To do what you are asking will require custom code. I would try and work it out with settings 

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    If you need to have multiple "guesses" at a field you have a few options. This is stuff I've done and it's not necessarily best practice.

    1.  Repeating group - you can use this to return multiple values from different "guesses" Just make sure you exclude the "Last instance of" the element 

    2. You can setup multiple ways to return a field such as StaticText>Character String + your labeled field. Then, you can use IF statements in the block to find the first available

    Let me know how you go. 




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