Tips and tricks for passing the certification exam

To become certified at ABBYY University implies that you have the ability to derive answers by interacting with and performing research within the product, product help files, and ABBYY University materials.

So, while taking a certification test, it's important to have the product available and open - all the involved modules should be in easy reach. It's also important to have relevant help files open.

Here are some general tips that we hope will help:

  • Take care of the basics! Be relaxed, well-rested, hydrated, and well-fed.
  • Take your test during an optimal time of the day, when you are at your sharpest.
  • Make sure you are uninterrupted during the examination period.
  • Use a dual-screen system if possible. This will help you perform research quickly while keeping an eye on the current question and the remaining time.
  • Have ABBYY Online Help open - For Vantage, go into the product and press the 
    Also, have open this Vantage resource:
  • Have the relevant ABBYY University online course(s) open – ABBYY U is searchable! Look for the magnifying glass icon in each lesson to be able to search that lesson’s content.
  • Have all the course downloadable PDFs available (if applicable). Check the last lesson of any given course for a link to such information.
  • Have all the hands-on task PDF files handy and open so they can be searched. They contain a lot of useful information, some of which may be on the certification test.
  • Have the relevant ABBYY product (FlexiCapture, Timeline, Vantage) open and available.
  • Manage your clock: be aware of how much time you have to complete the test, and gauge how far you should be at given intervals. Make adjustments as needed.
  • While taking the test, first mark, then initially skip over, all the questions you are unsure of. Then answer the easier questions, and return to the challenging questions. Again, remember to keep your eye on the time.
  • Take screenshots of any questions you are unsure of, so you can research them prior to your next examination retake. Note that tests have randomization, so your next retake will have some different questions.

Here are tips specific to FlexiCapture:

Have FC Distributed open – especially FlexiLayout Studio and the Project Setup Station.


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