FLS - Footer works correctly in one alternative and incorrectly in another.

Hi all. I have an FLS project with two alternatives. Each has Header and Footer. The first alternative works perfectly for both one-page and multi-page documents. But the second one searches for the Footer only on the first page of the two-pages document - and obviously fails to match. What could be the reason?

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    Your keyword for footer should be unique. 

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    Lachlan Hicks

    Notice in the bottom right how there is a green icon next to the footer?

    This means the footer was successfully matched. In this case, it found the search text on the first page. You can click the footer element in the bottom right to see what it matched with.

    Here are some tips:

    1. Make sure that whatever is in your footer is set to Required.
    2. As yong_lee7015 has said, the footer must be unique to the last page in a doc
    3. If you know that the footer shouldn't be found on the first page, you can use the "Search Constraints" tab to only find it in those pages. (bit of a hack - not recommended)
    4. Often you will need to decrease the max error percentage to make sure it only matches the footer exactly. 



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