License clarification for ABBYY FineReader PDF for Mac

Your website says I can purchase a 1-year license for ABBYY FineReader PDF for Mac, while the licenses for Windows are listed as yearly or monthly subscriptions.

What is meant by a 1-year license for the Mac version? Can I continue to use the software after 1 year if obtained from your website?

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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hi Kevin,

    It means that after one year you will need to get back to our ABBYY Store to buy a new 1-year license of FineReader PDF for Mac and activate it in the product if you want to continue using it. Unlike subscription, there's no option to unlock using of the same license for the next term just by making the next payment. 

    If you prefer full-featured subscription for FineReader PDF for Mac, it's available in App Store.

    Best regards,


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    Kevin C

    Thank you for the info. If the license for the Mac version is really only valid for one year's worth of use, you should update your website to make it much clearer. The wording on your pricing page makes no mention of this limitation. Additionally the fact that the Windows version specifically says subscription while the Mac version says one-year license heavily implies to me that the Mac software would be available for perpetual use with one year of updates included, as that is a very common/standard licensing model.

    I was actually quite surprised to see that both current versions of FineReader for Windows and Mac are now only available as subscriptions for consumers, especially since as recently as a few months ago perpetual licenses were still available for all versions. I thought of upgrading at the time, but wasn't quite ready, with the current pricing paradigm, I'm just going to look for a competing product.

    This is rather unfortunate and disappointing from a consumer point of view. I've had other Abbyy products previously (FineReader for Windows and PDF Transformer) with a perpetual license for the specific versions I paid for. A perpetual license is much more useful for my use case, as I don't need to scan or convert PDFs often enough to justify a subscription or a limited one-year license that means the product won't work after one year.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Kevin C

    Ironically, your automated system just sent me an email about my trial that contained a link to buy Adobe FineReader for Mac for $129, which is not a price point currently offered on your website. It does seem to match what I recall the old perpetual license costing, however.

    The link does not work, however, and it just opens a web page with an empty cart.



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