Document definition for invoices and Training Help

I have a document definition that has all the fields mapped out on a fixed form.. There are 8 Columns and the form has about 5 rows. when I run a test on the doc definition it pulls back everything correctly. But when I create like a fields training to input 2 other forms(same format) the columns are skewed and its picking up the header. So I readjust all my columns and rows click "Train" and says successful. yet if I create a work queue with just 1 form and run it based off that doc definition its all skewed again. What steps am I missing??

As you can see below the batch I created to "Train" is mapped correctly

Yet when I run a working batch based off the training I did, the def doc I created that test correct its like it reverts it all back into the header like below.. and all my changes are gone. Any help or possible step by step for forms, or if I'm missing a step in training would be appreciated.


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