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Today i saw there is a new core model for Vantage and i see some new menus and options. I would like to know when are you planning to update the training materials and add more training chapters, there so many features that are not explained in the documentation or in the ABBYY University that i do not know where to start.

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    Ksenia Khitrina

    Hello Viktor,

    Thanks for inquiring, and we are sorry about any Vantage documentation gaps in our help files. They represent a work that is continually in progress.

    In our ABBYY University courses, we focus on conceptual, core product knowledge, and do not cover all features. As our software rapidly evolves, some of the graphical user interface menus may become out of synchronization at times.

    We are continually updating our material; our next round of Vantage updates to address new features and GUIs will be out in the coming weeks. New learning chapters are being added as well.

    Please start at the beginning: ABBYY Vantage Fundamentals. Then ABBYY Vantage Intermediate, then ABBYY Vantage Advanced Designer (which is getting the most updates at the beginning of Q3). Please remember that both the Vantage help files and ABBYY University courses have a search capability that can be helpful.

    Best regards,


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