Table in Image gets Randomly Interpreted as Text

I compared two essentially identical PDF files, each of which contained a table as an embedded image. One of them was mysteriously interpreted as text by ABBYY Finereader and  therefore seen as being different from the other file. 

Here is the PDF version where ABBYY wrongly thinks the table contains text

Here is the file which ABBYY correctly knows contains the table as an image

And below is the screenshot of the comparison bug.

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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hi Mysta,

    There are two annotations (comments) in the pdf named "table as text", which are not visible in the document itself for some reason, but you can see them in the comments pane: 

    I've deleted these comments, saved the document, and now comparison works as intended: 

    I think those comments might confuse the comparison algorithm a bit.

    Comparison was done in "Use only text from PDF" mode (menu Compare->Advanced->PDF recognition mode).

    Best regards,



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