Why is there a Hot Folder 10,000-page 30-day limit?

I just started using FineReader Pro Corporate, mainly for the Hot Folder feature. It looks like I'm going to burn through the 10,000-page Hot Folder limit well before 30 days. What is the reason for the limit? I am an individual researcher, working on my own projects related to language and linguistics. I often run OCR on multilingual public domain dictionaries for my work, and those dictionaries can easily be in the thousands of pages each. Is there a way to raise the 10,000-page limit? By the way, I am running FineReader Pro Corporate on Windows 11 in Parallels on an M1 Mac. It works well enough because it has a 10-core chip (and four of those are used by Parallels) and I have 32GB of RAM (Parallels takes what it needs) but I would LOVE to have an ARM-native Mac version that has scripting (like the Mac versions used to). Thank you!

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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hello Grant,

    Hot Folder feature of FineReader PDF isn't designed for high-volume automated/unattended document processing, hence the limit. Unfortunately, there's no way to increase the limit. If you need more than Hot Folder allows, I'd recommend you to take a look at ABBYY FineReader Server or ABBYY Vantage with OCR Skill, which both designed for high-volume unattended document processing and provide higher productivity for the task and necessary high-volume processing monitoring, handling and troubleshooting tools. 

    Let me also note that the monthly limit for automated document conversion done via Hot Folder in FineReader PDF 15 Corporate is 5,000 pages per month, not 10,000. However, converting of documents via the user interface of the product, either in the OCR Editor or from the PDF Editor, in the user-attended mode, is not limited.

    As to the Mac version, both native ARM support and automation feature are in development now and should be available in one of the next releases of FineReader PDF for Mac. You can follow our announcements for learning about improvements made and new features added to the product in the Release Notes.

    Best regards,


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    Grant Barrett

    Thank you, Yuriy. Not the answer I wanted, but I appreciate it all the same. I have submitted a quote request for FineReader Server, but since I am paying out of my own pocket (there's no supporting organization for what I am doing — just me!) I am not hopeful that I will be able to justify additional expense. 


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