Microsoft Graph token expiring in Import Profile

We have about a dozen clients all using FC for invoices. None of these clients have access to a Project Setup Station as they are all sharing our main license.

All our Import Profiles are set up using IMAP and this will stop working in October. Some sites have already stopped working, so maybe it's being rolled out already.

So we are now putting sites onto Microsoft Graph which works great - for 90 days at a time!

Is there any way around the fact that every 90 days we need to re-log in to refresh the token? 

Is there any way the clients could do this themselves as we are bringing more on and this will end up quite a bit of trouble for the client (who's project will stop working) and for us (who currently are the only ones who can refresh the token)?

If not, is there a solution being worked on? I am not sure any of the other import profile options are good options - might be wrong?

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    Anne Howie

    Just checking in again - I'm wondering what others use for their import profile and what ABBYY recommendations are?

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    Viacheslav (Slava) Prodan

    Dear Anne,

    I see that you have not received an answer to your question in the community, so I will create a request on your behalf.

    Best regards,



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