Error Posting Start Task: BadRequest - The SourceFiles field is required.

I am trying to upload a document to FC Cloud instance for processing. I am able to upload the file, and I get an OK response. But when I try and post the "Start Task" command, I get back a BadRequest error:

  "id": "CD580316-A441-4639-91CA-5DA7D493ABAB",
  "error": "BadRequest",
  "error_description": "The SourceFiles field is required."

All I should have to do with this request is post the ID and TOKEN. I suspect the problem is that I am not proving correct data when uploading the file, but I'm not sure.

There is nothing in the swagger description about this field being required. Did I miss this when posting "Upload File", or when posting "Start Task"? Anyone seen this before?

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    Viacheslav (Slava) Prodan

    Dear Adrian,

    I see that you have already created a request and I am sure that our support team will help you!

    Best regards,


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    Adrian Enders

    Thanks for the reply! Correct. Once I have a solution I will post an update here. initially it might be that I have my headers set incorrectly. If you fail to set the "Content-Type" header correctly on the request, this error can occur. I am verifying.

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    Adrian Enders

    Yep. I was failing to post the Content-Type Header "application/json" in the request content. I don't like the error message that comes back. Not sure what this has to do with any "SourceFiles" field. That threw me off a bit. But there you go if it helps someone else.


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