How To Integrate Abbyy Timeline And Blue Prism.

I want to Know more Details about Abbyy Timeline Process Mining And Blue Prism Integration Part. Is it possible to integrate in abbyy timeline and BPP. if its yes mean how can be do this. 

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    Viacheslav (Slava) Prodan

    Dear Senthil,

    To allow our sales team to assist you, please fill in the form (Contact Us) at


    Best regards,




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    Ryan Raiker

    Hi Senthil,

    There are several ways to leverage the power of ABBYY process intelligence with Blue Prism RPA. Firstly we need to understand what you are working on and what you want to do.

    Do you want to discover your processes?

    Are you looking to monitor bots that have been deployed?

    Are you looking to orchestrate workflows in real-time?

    As Viacheslav said above, drop us a line on the contact us form and we can learn more about your project and assist you in the best way.

    If you want to reach out to me directly you can find me on LinkedIn here:

    I look forward to hearing about your project soon!





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