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Hello Community,

My Requirement is I need to extract datas sometimes from first page  sometimes from second or third page.

If the data is to be extracted from first page then there is no assembly error issue but if the data is on second or third page assembly error occurs.

Is there any way we can overcome this. We are not sure which page the data will be.

Can anybody help please.

Thanks and Regards.


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    Maryna Ivashchenko

    Hi Sreejith,

    In ABBYY FlexiCapture, Document assembly happens before data extraction. So, in your case, it sounds like the issue is connected to assembly settings and not to field detection. To fix the situation, you need to check the document assembly settings. 

    If you set up the document assembly using Headers or (and) Footers in FlexiLayout Studio, please check that they work properly in the FlexiLayout Studio project. The Headers and Footers should work in such a way that the document is always completely captured with all pages. It's sometimes helpful to check this first, disabling all other elements meant to capture data. Then make sure those elements that capture data don't specify any single page - by default, they search the entire document.

    If you assemble your documents with an assembly script, please check the script. 

    If you have never used the assembly script before and would like to try it, please find the example here:

    Need our Professional Service specialist's help, please contact ABBYY by the following link: 


    Kind regards,

    Maryna Ivashchenko


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