Opening an OCR-edited PDF in the OCR Editor doesn't retain the edits

After correcting OCR in the OCR Editor, I exported the results as a PDF as a searchable PDF. Opening the output in the FR viewer shows the corrected OCR, but if I open the output PDF in the OCR Editor (let's say to make further corrections), none of the corrections are retained. In the OCR Editor, I can only re-recognize the PDF--all corrections disappear.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to retain the edits in a way that the OCR Editor would recognize, or is it necessary to save the OCR "project files" in order to make further edits later?


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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hi AK! If you convert a document into a searchable PDF using OCR Editor and correct OCR mistakes in it before saving the final searchable PDF, to be able to stop making corrections and resume the process later you must save the intermediate results as an OCR Project.

    However, in Windows version of FineReader PDF there's PDF Editor that allows editing PDFs directly, without doing conversion. In the Mac version, there's only PDF Viewer, without possibility to edit PDFs directly.


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