Documents recognized in FlexiLayout Studio, but not in Project Setup Station


I am using the Abbyy university test VM with an Abbyy flexicapture version 12.0.3. I placed the same document in the Abby flexilayout studio for matching and recognition and it works perfectly, but when I deploy the flexicapture template in a document definition (for the flexicapture for invoice project) and run the test for the same document, it doesn't work the same way knowing that I did keep the same configuration of pre-recognition and recognition modes based on these two posts (1) et (2).


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    Anton Vakhtel

    Maryem neyli Hi!

    It can be related to the text layer in PDF, if you're using the PDF file. Test function in Document Definition Editor can't access the original PDF file's text layer and works only with the image. So the results can be different when comparing the Test function with processing in a batch, or the results in FlexiLayout Studio.

    Try processing the document in a batch. Will the results be the same as in FLS?

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    Maryem neyli

    Hi Anton,

    I tried to process the document in a batch, but it didn't work. It's like it doesn't read the imported layout although I can see the custom field well added in the document definition.

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    Anton Vakhtel

    Maryem neyli, I think it would be better to look at your project and samples. I will create a Support ticket based on this post. Please wait for the response from our Support Team.


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