How to define which Barcode to split Documents with

We are splitting documents by barcodes next to the top edge on the first page (FlexiCapture 12). Some of the following pages also contain barcodes somewhere around the left edge in the middle of the page. That leads to some documents being splitted by the wrong barcodes.

Since the barcodes are similar but of a different type, we defined the barcode type. But it still seperates documents by the wrong barcode.


My approach is to insert a custom script stage and then either 1. count the amount of barcodes - if two are found, take the first one, or 2. restrict the search area for the barcodes. I tried accessing a barcode object using the following code snippets in JScript and tried the same in C#, but couldn't make it work:

How can I use barcodes other than the first one for document separation? – Help Center (

How to split the pages flow by multiple bar-code types including «Code 39 without asterisk» type in Recognition Server 4? – Help Center (

However, these articles are about FineReader, not FlexiCapture.

Can you tell me how to access a barcode object in in FlexiCapture 12 (C# would be great) or how to define the barcode to use for splitting the documents?

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    Anton Vakhtel


    I don't see any out-of-the-box solution that will answer your requirements. I would like to recommend you consider contacting ABBYY Professional Services regarding such customization. You can get in touch with them using the web form here:



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