Multidocument inside a single PDF

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Here is my situation: I have a single PDF file with more than one document in it, the first pages are always the same and 99 % of the information will be read from there. Now, the rest of the document is always different, I created a Static Text Element to find a label (with multiple options for different providers) and around that I read a region.

Issue #1: the element is outside of the header/footer limits

My solution: Create another FlexiLayout alternative to match that

Issue #2: Now in Project Setup Station I have two batches. In the first one the mentioned element is missing and in the second one that's the only information I have

I think my approach might be wrong since those are completely different documents (not extracting the same data for both) so I should not create a separate FlexiLayout Alternative but something else.

Could you please guide me to the best approach?

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