Bookmarks and hyperlinks are broken after splitting and merging PDF files. How do I solve this problem?

Let me talk a little bit about what I do. I download suitable English PDF books from the internet and translate them into Turkish. Of course, I often have to split and merge them due to file size and character counts. Then, even though there are unlocked books, they lock themselves after the merging process and I break them. If there are unnecessary links and watermarks to be cleaned, I clean them.

Finally, I am trying to fix bookmarks and hyperlinks. But no matter what I did, I could not automate it. Since they are very long books, I do not like to edit my place and hyperlinks one by one, it is not practical. I wonder how I can automatically fix my broken place and hyperlinks in multiple ways after these operations. I would be very grateful if there is a good document or booklet on this subject or if there is a friend who can help.

I will be very happy if I really solve this issue. waiting for feedback.

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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hello Attila,

    I have created a support ticket based on the issue described. Our Customer Support agent will contact you soon to investigate the situation. 


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