Multi repeating Group in One ExcelSheet without Duplicate

How can I ignore the repeated values when coming more than one repeating group (Different headers & values) in a document. It's seems like multiplying with every columns in excel sheet when am setup the EXPORT ALL DOCUMENTS TO ONE FILE. Is there any solution to export without repetition..? Kindly Reply..

- Project setup station - Document definition -


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    Hey Seenivasanks,


    I'm experiencing the same issue. Please can you share what you ended up doing to fix the duplicates generated from having two repeating groups and exporting them all to one file. 


    Thank you

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    Anton Vakhtel

    seenivasanks Hi,

    This is an expected behavior from built-in Export to Data Files.

    In case it doesn't suit your requirements, you can use Export Script to create the file with any required structure:




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